I mean, he doesn’t have a reason to, not really. I just… I admire him greatly. I’ve spent more time observing him than I’d like to admit, but the point of this blog is to answer questions, and honesty is always good…
It’s silly, really, I know, but I can’t help it.

TT: I really, sincerely do appreciate it.

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TT: I’m sorry. I should’ve kept quiet. I’m stupid.

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TT: I just… find his intelligence very attractive and… I don’t know…

TT: I’ve heard from others that he has a boyfriend though and… I probably would never have a chance.

Plus we both have purple eyes, and she already has a ribbon in her hair.

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*drops off a tiny red note with a tiny doodle* "hey there rose haven't seen you in a loooooooong time, we should hang out some time"

Ah, Vriska… I’ve missed you a lot, think about you a ton. Thought about my mistakes, thought about how I hope your life is going “gr8”. Heh. I’m just happy you’d even acknowledge me after all this, all this time.

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Plus, there are guest artists looking over and choosing questions…
So really, I’d love to answer some things, but quicker ones would be amazing!

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Do you ship your friends?

Rose is… very embarrassed about this, so I’ve taken the liberty to answer it for her! Hah. 

I don’t know about her FRIENDS, but she surely does have a shipping chart for her SELF. 

I just hope you can decipher all the people, hah.

she doesnt know everybody, so these are based off of what she DOES know about them, I guess!

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finish a thing? me? hella
is winxstuck a thing
if not can we make it a thing b/c im really loving this design

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i may or may not have been talking about the original winx club with friends and then we started doodling and then i got the bright idea to make rose into a winx club character so WOO HERE WE GO
i added a bow so i can put it on ribbon rose even though it doesnt have a question,